Eleanor Ruth Edison

On August 1, 2022, Eleanor Ruth Edison, beloved mother, sister (by birth and choice), and Auntie to a small army, looked back on her eighty-seven years of mischief, mayhem, and enough love to fill both oceans and pronounced it a life well lived and worthy of presentation to her creator.

She'd survived a battle with covid 19, doted on by the staff of Valley Vista in Springdale, but with even their exemplary care, she just wanted to go home. So she did. 

Predeceased by all her siblings and most of her in-laws, as well as the husband she adored, she still manages to leave behind so many who will miss her.

Her daughter, Marianne (and Tim), nieces and nephews galore, pastors the island over who came to minister and found themselves ministered to. 

If you thought you were special to her, then you were, more than you'll ever know. 

Due to the risk of covid19, the service will be postponed to a later date.